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1. Why do both the Trial and Pro versions fail to connect to the PC?
2. Why can I connect with the Trial, but not with the Pro version?
3. The Android device can connect to the PC, but I can only hear audio and cannot see the webcam video?
4. Why do I lose the connection while I'm connected via 3G / 4G mobile network?
5. Does the surveillance PC have to remain turned on during surveillance?
6. Can I hide the Recorder Web Tool on the surveillance PC?
7. Where are the surveillance photos saved on the Android device?
8. When I try to login, why does it always say incorrect username or password?
9. How can I reach the support team when I have questions?
1. A direct connection between your Android device and the surveillance PC may not be possible due to certain combinations of firewalls. You must have an outgoing UDP service enabled in order to be able to connect to the PC. Common locations where firewalls block connections via WiFi are; business and government installations, hospitals, hotels, airports, libraries, etc. In this case, simply connect via 3G / 4G mobile network.
2. To fix this, follow these steps. First, restart your PC. Then uninstall both the Trial and Pro versions and restart your Android device. Reinstall the Pro version and try connecting again.
3. Click the right mouse button anywhere in the Recorder Web Tool and then click on "Settings". You will see a little "Adobe Flash Player Settings" window. Click on the camera tab and select your webcam from the drop down list. If you do not see your webcam listed in the drop down, make sure your webcam drivers are installed correctly. If everything fails, try another external USB webcam from a popular brand. If you use multiple monitors, open the iCamSpy site with the Recorder Web Tool on your primary monitor.
4. If you lose the connection in 3G / 4G mode, check your mobile network coverage. Your mobile network might be too unstable or too slow.
5. Yes, the surveillance PC must be on at all times and connected to the internet. You can turn off the monitors, but stand-by mode will exit surveillance.
6. Yes, in the Recorder Web Tool you can find the option "Hide Recorder Tool" in the right Tool Settings menu.
7. The surveillance photos are saved into your Android device's gallery. The same place where your camera snapshots are saved. Look for the "Gallery" icon on your Android device.
8. Make sure you enter your username and password correctly and don't have caps lock on accidently. To recover or delete your account, please email us.
9. You can email us at info(at)icamspy.com
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