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Trial Version 1.3.29
Pro Version 1.3.11
iCamSpy will turn your smartphone and any PC
or notebook with webcam and microphone into a feature-rich mobile audio and video surveillance system with motion detection alarm. Watch and listen in real-time to what is happening in your
office or at home wherever you are and anytime.
30.03.2014 A new app update is available. The new password recovery tool helps out in case you forget your password.
30.01.2014 Today iCamSpy is celebrating its 1st year anniversary! We are very excited about how popular iCamSpy has become with more than 260.000 installations to date. Our service uptime was 99.9% in the past 365 days, which makes iCamSpy the most reliable mobile surveillance system available for Android. We thank you all for your support.
29.01.2014 A new update is available. Trial v1.3.20 and Pro v1.3.11 address the app icon size issue experienced on new HD devices. We have now added 96 x 96 and 144 x 144 pixel icons for XHDPI and XXHDPI devices.
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